Podcast 1 – Photography

This is my first podcast for ClickOften where I speak about photography. You’ll could listen to it and if you’ll have any question or need any kind of help in knowing any concepts in photography, just type in a mail at maxson.desilva3015@gmail.com and  I could answer them in my next podcast.

Click the link below for the podcast. thank you.



living With The Stars

IMG_9947This is not the entire bunch of our batch, it’s only us the journalism department that live together now. It’s a different family after we all had to move away from our dear friends from mass communication and start living with students who we didn’t have much to do with.
As we began with our Final year, we knew who we were with but all that fun and life was altered. Some were good with few, some were disturbed with others, but life did give us a lesson to help us live a situation.
When left with no choice, today we have known each other so well and so comfortable that we form a great family with care and love. There may have been a lot of ups and down through, but has never won to hurt any hearts.
As this is my last post before we will be judged, I would thank all my batch mates, specially Keanu DeSouza for being an amazing friend, Jana Naik, Alexia Fernandes, Sirach Ferros , J.b.Bras, Rebecca Pinto, Giselle figuiredo , Cara Srivastava , Jyoti, Heather Feranades, Carol Bolts , Anushka Pereira and Sarah for being amazing friends throughout with lots of love and care.
I know I’m always engaged with other works leaving college behind which does affect my studies, But still you’ll care to send me notes along with few mocking statements :-p.
You’ll are the best! Journalism Department Rocks!

Inside Of Me

“Music is something that just flows inside of me. There is no beginning nor ending. ” says Shugan Dias.
Soon to launch his first singles “Inside of Me”.
A SAM brother’s production.

Risen Form The Departed



Living in a fast life had never given me a chance to explore a youth life.  I’ve always seen my friends engaged along with other member who do something socio activities for the people in and around the holy home. Singing for praise, was one of my favorite but unless I was a part of the youth group I count not participate.
We’ve been shifting around many parishes which could have likely not given me a settlement to build a foundation to discover myself to motif, until we bought a permanent house at the world heritage site, “Old Goa”.
I had no choice as I was dragged to the youth. I know it’s scary at the first, but unless you get off your comfort zone, you aren’t going to discover something different.
It was peaceful! But it never seed comfortable at the start. You have to make sure to get to know every youngster you live within. Start engaging in activities even though you may not know how to move along.
For instance, I was asked by the president to compare for an event. My face was tapped with an unrestrained enthusiasm.  Prior to the event I wanted to get an excuse to skip the event, but was left with no choice.  I approached the president and told him forcefully that I wasn’t capable to compare for the event. He kept his hands on my shoulder and asked me to calm down and said “I have asked you because I know what your potential is”.
Today I say NO to nothing because being within youth helps oneself to discover their potential. It’s a learning phase with loads of fun and love. Don’t waste your Youth days. That’s the best stage to discover oneself and know what you’re made for!!

World Smile Day

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Harvey ball, the man to create the first smiley face had tossed this concept when he was a commercial artist in 1963.
The smiley image became a well identified icon of good will and good cheer on the planet.
The first ever smile day was held in 1999 and has been running down till today. It’s always celebrated on the first Friday of October.

Mind Focus-Meditate


Swirling breeze, sound of the sea, meditate helps develop Peace of mind.  Today it’s more about hectic life with all our personal work that we forget what natures has gifted us.  Every weekends people gather, party, great fun, friends and than the boring Mondays back.

Why not allow oneself to enjoy the beauty of nature?

It’s a different world. Experience. Calm. Peace.

An inner Healing to your Soul.


To know 50 awesome tips on meditation click the below link


Product Photography



It’s not Vodka advertising, its Product Photography. Something new and amazing. The most peaceful form of photography which allows you to have your own space and time! nothing in hurry.  In this condition, Lighting’s were the biggest challenge because I only had light fixture to operate. Black is not a color, it’s an art. Classy black makes product look manly. Have a great Magic Moments.